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We <3 World Prematurity Day

Last month was World Prematurity Awareness month, with World Prematurity Day on November 17th. We headed to the Goldbloom Pavilion in the IWK Health Centre, joining forces with various NICU staff and nurses, setting up a display with resources, give-aways, and our "The Power of a Parent's Touch" video on loop! There were cookies, knit hats, scented cloths, and teddy bears to be had!

We helped spread awareness through social media and chatting with anyone passing by about the importance of improving neonatal outcomes and reducing the number of infants born too soon (1 in 10 babies are born before their due date world wide. That's 15 million a year!).

Our favourite part of the day? Meeting all the IWK NICU graduates that stopped by to say hello!

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