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Early Career Research Excellence Award: Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo School of Nursing

Research excellence award winners Marsha Campbell-Yeo (left) and Brenda Beagan. Teaching excellence award winner David Westwood with Associate Dean (Academic) Brenda Merritt. (Julie Gratzer photo).

FHP Celebrates Teaching and Research Excellence with annual awards.

Early Career Research Excellence Award

Dr. Marsha Campbell-YeoSchool of Nursing

Marsha joined the School of Nursing in 2012, and since arriving at Dalhousie has established herself as a leader in the field of investigation of maternal led interventions and parental involvement to improve outcomes of medically at-risk newborns - specifically related to pain, stress and neurodevelopment. In addition, her research has focused on innovative strategies to optimize the uptake of these strategies into practice. Marsha's work has been funded by numerous organizations, and she has been recognized with awards including the CRNNS Nursing Research Excellence Award; the Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship, and the Canadian Pain Society Early Career Investigator Award. Marsha also demonstrates a committment to mentorship, passing her skills and knowledge on to the graduate students she supervises. Full story.

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