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What’s the power of a parent’s touch? Watch Dr. Campbell-Yeo's Petcha-Kucha style video

When Dr. Campbell-Yeo started as a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit 25 years ago, it was believed that newborns felt no pain. Now we know that not only do infants experience pain, but early related stress could influence their future development. Dr. Campbell-Yeo’s IWK-based research program aims to identify and encourage methods that engage mothers and families in the management and care of preterm infants both inside the NICU and at home by addressing learning needs and keeping families together, leading to positive outcomes for the infants, their families, and the healthcare system. This Petcha Kucha style presentation was part of the 2nd Annual Research and Innovation in Health Care Forum held on October 26, 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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