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Active Research Studies


Research Coordinator: Shelly McHugh


Campbell-Yeo, M., Johnston C., Chambers, C., Vincer, M., Inlgis, D., Halperin, S., Pillai Riddell, R., Walker, C.D. Trial of Repeated Analgesia with Kangaroo Mother Care – 18-Month Follow Up (TRAKC-18). Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, Establishment Grant.


TRAKC 18 involves following the TRAKC participants longitudinally following discharge from hospital to 18 months. This study is supported by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (Establishment Grant) and is currently being implemented at the IWK Health Centre. 


The primary aim of this study is to examine if maternal contact provided during painful events in early life will alter subsequent pain response, mother infant interactions, and the development and mental health outcomes for preterm infants who are at risk for long term sequellae associated with exposure to repeated procedural pain and prolonged hospitalization in the NICU.


Data is collected at multiple time points during regularly scheduled immunizations at 2, 6, 12, and 18 months chronological age and at 18 months corrected age. 

For more information contact the TRAKC18 Research Coordinator Shelly McHugh.    

Trial of Repeated Analgesia in Kangaroo Care (TRAKC18)

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