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Mechanisms, Outcomes, Mobilization

of maternally Led Interventions in Newborn Care

MOM-LINC provides an interdisciplinary research environment for the development of innovative and non-invasive healthcare interventions that engage mothers and families in the management and care of neonates.

 The research lab is primarily supported by the Canadian Institute of Health Research and Canadian Foundation of Innovation.

Our Focus

Innovating Neonate Care

Our efforts encompass original work, knowledge synthesis, knowledge translation and advocacy.

Led by Dr. Campbell-Yeo

As a leader in her field, Dr. Campbell-Yeo’s program of research involves the investigation of maternal led interventions and parental involvement to improve outcomes of medically at-risk newborns - specifically related to pain, stress and neurodevelopment.

How We "Linc"

Why this Work is Important

It’s not just the one in ten babies that are born prematurely worldwide that are adversely affected by untreated pain. Untreated pain is an issue for every baby, even those that are born healthy.

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