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Chez NICU Home 

Funding: Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, CISCO Canada, IWK Health Centre

Chez NICU Home is a multi-faceted project working toward the development of a secure, web-based platform that will provide NICU families with the education and resources they need to become more active participants in the care of their baby.


When complete, Chez NICU Home will be a sophisticated, secure, virtual platform in which the NICU patients and families are electronically linked to IWK health care providers, to the home of their families, and to their local health professional no matter where they are, through a network of devices, technologies and solutions.


This platform will also combine tailored and interactive parent education, and individualized feedback and analytics to optimize outcomes and experiences of families whose infants require a stay in the NICU.


This project is supported through funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Cisco Canada, and the IWK Health Centre

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